What’s Your Strategy? Changes to Brand Loyalty Strategies in the Digital Age
Brand loyalty is harder to gain than it was in the past. It used to be that discounts, rewards programs, and other strategies worked effectively but today customers have more options and they’re more fickle. According to a recent study, on average an American signs up for 29 different rewards programs but more than half of those people never redeem their points.
This example can show us one very important thing: Rewards aren’t necessarily what today’s customers are looking for. Read on to learn more and then get started on your own brand loyalty strategy by working with one of the top digital marketing firms.

What do customers really value?

If customers don’t value discounts and rewards the way they once did, then what do they value? The answer is simple: Convenience. This is due in part to the fact that there are so many discount programs and so many ways to find the best deal. What they’re looking for is a company that offers them a convenient way to get the products or services they want. For example, your company should absolutely have an ecommerce aspect.

Gather data for your customers benefit too

One of the reasons that companies were so quick to jump on the rewards card strategy is because it gave them the opportunity to gather a wealth of data on their customers. There are other ways to do that, but what we want to stress is that every time you get information from your customers, they should benefit too.
This doesn’t mean they need to see a direct benefit. For example, if the information you gather tells you something about your customer’s buying habits, then put that to use for them. Create a program that offers recommendations based on what they’re actually ordering – not what you want them to order. If you get to better know your customers, then they’re more likely to be loyal to you.

Create your own strategy

Today you can’t get away with simply copying what another company is doing. Customers want companies that are unique and that can give them something they’re not going to get from a competitor. The challenge your company has is not just coming up with a way to stand apart, but in finding a way to make sure that clients and potential clients know how you’re different. That’s where Webstract comes in.

Get a free website analysis and find out what you could improve on

One of the many ways in which Webstract is different from the competition is that we’ll give you a free website analysis. This is helpful for every type of customer. Those who feel as though they’ve done all they can will quickly realize that we can help. Those who don’t know where to start will see a plan emerging that will make them feel better and more enthusiastic about their digital presence. To get started, reach out to us online or call us at 855-201-5800.