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Copywriting & Blogging

Your company’s success story—professionally written for all to see

Copywriting is a seemingly small and often overlooked aspect of a company’s website.  Overlooked because many owners view it as just putting some sentences and images on a webpage.  Every owner can write, but there is a reason that copywriting is a successful, standalone industry.

Making sure your web text uses the right voice, proper grammar, efficiently utilizes SEO keywords, and compels potential customers is a daunting task if you have little or no experience.

Can’t we leave copywriting to the lawyers?

The term “copywriting” sounds more intimidating than it actually is. No, it has nothing to do with copyright law. It’s just a fancy word that describes all of the content on your web pages and it is one of the most important aspects of your website.  

Think about it, this is your only form of communication with a potential customer visiting your website.  Well-written content helps potential customers better understand your company and what you offer—and it makes the search engines happy. 

A company selling surfboards to millennials or one offering legal services to widows would require drastically different content, or copywrite, in order to successfully reach their targeted audiences.  Professional, targeted copywriting makes clients and sales out of website viewers and readers.

Global Lingo found 59% of visitors will leave a website that has obvious grammar or spelling mistakes

Blogging isn’t just for fun

If your first thought when you think of blogging involves apple pie recipes, cross stitch patterns, or advice on homeschooling, then you are missing out on a potential goldmine for your company. For most companies, a blog is a critical aspect of an overall SEO strategy.

Blogging helps and reminds current clients to learn about new services you offer or specials you are running. Additionally, frequent blogging increases your chances of potential customers finding your website due to the nature of SEO.

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Your content holds the knowledge of your company

The content on your website is your only form of communication with a potential customer or client.  It is also the only way to teach them or show them why to choose you over anyone else. Visitors are not going to want to spend 15 minutes finding out—professional copywriting makes the important points pop out, right where people are looking.

We understand exactly how visitors want to read through websites while also efficiently hitting SEO keywords.  Our copywriting experts can perfectly craft the content on your web pages to achieve this, whether it is a brand new website without existing content or you just need some touch ups.

No need to enroll in a writing class—Let Webstract take care of your copywriting needs

Many business owners assume that they are the best person to write their website because they know more than anyone about what makes their company special. That’s true, but it’s also true that a business owner has better things to do with their time.

Your job is to build your business. Our job is to pound out fresh copy you can be proud of. Your company has a unique story and it is time it is told. We are ready to tell it. Give us a call at 855-201-5800 and let’s assess your copywriting needs today.