You’ve probably heard, or experienced first hand, that Google updates its SEO algorithm pretty often. You might have felt the impacts to your site if you weren’t aware of how these changes would affect you. With many changes, it’s easy to miss a new SEO trend and most businesses work hard on a regular basis to ensure their SEO is strong. There are certain things to always keep in mind, and we’ve listed them below!

Use Video

Using video as a marketing tool can help bring website traffic, but many businesses have yet to implement this tactic. Also, it will help bring quality traffic, vs traffic you might not need or want. If you have low ranking pages or blog posts, try editing them to add a video, and then tag the video properly.

Featured Snippets

Just over 11% of Google search results will show a featured snippet. Featured snippets tend to show up on search results pages after the paids ads but higher up than organic results. If you want to try and rank for questions with keywords in them, using a featured snippet is a great way to gain attention from the searcher.

Strengthen User Engagement

You you want your site to be user friendly and easy for a brand new person to navigate. Make sure your content is easy to read. Break up paragraphs into digestible sizes, use images and headers, and make sure your language is easy to grasp. Allow your main navigation or menu to be easily visible and mobile responsive.

Don’t Forget Mobile

Google has started to consider the mobile version of your site the primary version of your site. This is a pretty big deal. First of all, it means that a mobile site is necessary. Without one, your rankings might start to dip. And, Google is recommending moving to a fully responsive site, vs having a separate mobile site.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions should be written with keywords and kept focused on the point of your page or post. They only need to be able 150 characters in total, so try to pack in your most important keywords!

Above the Fold

Having important information such as your phone number and services above the fold gives your site visitors what they need without any effort on their part. If you’re not familiar with the phrase “above the fold”, it’s referring to the top portion of your site that shows before you start scrolling.

Managing SEO yourself can be a lot work, and even the most savvy of business owners can struggle staying on top of it. Webstract Marketing specializes in helping businesses build strong SEO that helps their business thrive online.