Improve How Your Website Converts Prospects

The first thing to consider when evaluating your website’s overall success is the sales funnel.  Many sales funnels have a spot that loses the prospect before they complete a purchase or schedule an appointment. In order to figure out where people might be getting stuck, you’ll want to list out all steps of the sales funnel.

Listing out and being clear on all the steps in your sales funnel could be time consuming, but it’s worthy time if it helps you create a better flow. After that, you’ll need to analyze the conversion rates of each step so you can see how each piece is performing. Once all the steps are analyzed, it should be clear where your prospects are falling off in the funnel.

Once your sales funnel is stronger from a flow perspective, you can move onto the auditing the content. The copy on your sales pages needs to be consistent and clear.  If you are offering free shipping or a promotion code for a discount, that information should be in more than one spot throughout your sales funnel. It can be discouraging for a prospect to not be able to find the promotion code they need during check out or forget that they will get free shipping with their order.

Lastly, make sure your website pages are easy to navigate. Put yourself through the lens of your prospect — it might be their first time on your site, so you want to make their experience easy and without frustration. The sales funnel works best when the prospect can move through each step without having to stop and question anything. If they need to call or email your business, then the completion of the funnel is decreased.

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