You: [email protected]
Customer: Nope.

Email Hosting

Third-party email platforms: there are so many choices

There’s G Suite, Office 365, RackSpace, SamePage, Zoho, Runbox, Icewarp, ProtonMail, and many other hosted email providers to choose from today.  All of these guys claim to be the best, but it is difficult to get any certainty out of a bunch of biased reviews and suggestions. Some are unintuitive, difficult to customize, or they simply do not offer the features that a modern business needs.  Webstract will help you avoid this search hassle and point you in the best direction.

Let’s look at the glass half full

The right email platform should allow you to get custom email domain names ([email protected]).  It should safely and securely store your messages with easy searching and understandable interfaces.  For any business that has a pre-existing email platform and needs a change, you also want to be confident that the new platform will make it easy for you to migrate from the old with no issues or loss of data.

At Webstract, we make sure to use products that can deliver on all these points and more.  You will have customization abilities, secure data, reliable company communication… everything you need out of your email platform.

According to Hubspot 62.86% of business professionals prefer email to communicate for business purposes.

You are not locked into your current email hosting service

One of the most common reasons that clients get caught up with email hosting services they don’t like is that they assume it would be difficult or impossible to move on to a new provider. This is a common misconception. At Webstract we can handle the entire transition for you, so all your company needs to do is bask in the improvements!

Ready to Get Started?

You are not alone in your search. Let Webstract help!

Another reason that businesses get stuck with a poor quality email host is because they try to do the research and are overwhelmed with the options. Every company claims to be the best. Every company claims to offer unique services. Who is telling the truth?

Webstract knows and we will carefully consider your company’s unique needs to ensure that the best options are chosen. You do not have to figure this all out alone—that’s what we’re for. Call Webstract today at 855-201-5800 and let us get you out of this loop.