What’s in Your Content? Learn How to Optimize Content to Generate More Traffic
Many companies that understand how important content is to their website assume that quantity is the most important factor. They focus on publishing content daily. While this may be important for the specific company, the more important task is publishing good content and finding ways to optimize it. This involves focusing on what the content is, what it covers, and how it is written, as well as looking at your social media strategy to ensure that it is getting in front of as many eyes as possible.
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Focus on a social media sharing schedule

It is never wise to “play it by ear” when it comes to sharing content. You should have a schedule that’s followed, whether it involves posting content daily, weekly, or monthly. One of the top goals is ensuring that you are not reposting the same content to the same audience. It is better to not post at all then to content that is useless to your clients.
When you share it social media, you should be sharing it across platforms. That may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, depending on what your company is involved in. However, make sure that you are posting it with different headlines and pull quotes. You do not want your clients to simply see the same post over and over again. You will quickly learn what types of headlines are most successful with your company.

The key is to not appear as though you are spamming clients

This means not sharing the same content over and over again. There may be instances in which you want to re-boost content you have already shared, but make sure you switch it up. Get a new headline, talk about a different aspect, etc. Otherwise, you are likely to find potential customers getting bored or, worse, flagging your posts as spam. Not only does this get frustrating, but it can significantly reduce the performance of your website.

Use the right platforms and the right voice

Not every company should be posting content to every site. Not all companies should be serious and business like, while not all companies should have a light, jovial voice. There have been enough social media disaster stories in recent years for companies to see that letting the professionals handle these issues is for the best. You can contact Webstract at 855-201-5800 to learn more about your options.