Does Your Web Content Have a Goal? It Should
Many companies don’t like writing web content. They don’t have the experience or background to excel in conveying their company’s unique selling point, and they often find the process of writing to be tedious. If you’re in this position, there’s one question should ask yourself about your web content: What’s your goal with it? At Webstract we are here to tell you that there is only one right answer to that question.

The golden rule of copywriting

It all comes down to the golden rule of copywriting: Write to inform and persuade the reader – not to impress them. This doesn’t just make your writing better or more effective, it makes it easier to come up with topics. It may sound simple, but it’s the first step in creating content that truly works for your company.

Your content should be providing information

First and foremost, you need your web content to provide information. Your reader should be able to clearly understand what point you’re making and why it’s true. Start by writing a few thoughts that you want your potential or current customers to understand about your company. This is the information you want to ensure gets across in your content writing.

Your writing should be persuasive

The same rule that applies to writing fiction applies to writing web content: Show, don’t tell. This means that you don’t want to just list facts for your clients – you want to show them. Don’t just give a detail, follow that detail by outlining specifically why it’s important and relevant to the reader.

Never write content just to impress

This is where you’ll find many companies mess up. They are simply writing to try and impress. They use big words, or insider terms, or they just boost about their stats. It’s not always wrong to tell potential customers about your awards or reputation, but you shouldn’t do it just to impress them – you should show them how it’s relevant.
For example, let’s say your company won a state-wide award in your industry. Instead of simply writing, “Our company has won this award,” write about what that means to the reader. For example, you might say, “Our company won this award which proves our dedication and commitment to the satisfaction of every customer we work with.” You’ve now given your reader specific information about your company and followed it up with a persuasive argument about why it’s important to your customer.

You’re not in this alone – let us help you create perfect content

The truth is that you’re not a writing expert. Would you trust yourself to read a few tutorials on plumbing and then fix your hot water heater? At Webstract, we can save you time and get you better results. Working with a marketing company is likely more affordable than you think.
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