Improving Online MarketingWhile the written word can be a greater motivator when it comes to advertising, visual marketing can be just as crucial to attract potential customers. That’s why it’s important to maintain a diverse online presence, and such a presence should include video as well as written content.
Whether a video is used as an introduction to possible clients, or as a means of informing the public about goods and services, many people will respond to such visual representations in a more meaningful way. In general, people tend to have a visceral response when it comes to visual cues. This is especially true when browsing the internet, where instant gratification is often favored over more languorous methods of engagement.

Video Can Help Build a Relationship With Customers

One of the great aspects of creating a promotional video for your business is that it allows customers to put a face to the company name. This can be important for building trust with potential clients, who may not be readily aware of your business and the service it provides.
By utilizing video to engage customers, stronger bonds can be formed at a much faster pace. Many people feel more engaged by videos, as opposed to something like a mission statement or letter from the management. This engagement can go a long way, from improving name recognition to increasing revenue, which is important to ensure that a company continues to grow.

Creating Videos Is an Inexpensive Way to Advertise

These days, creating a promotional video for your business can be easier than ever. Thanks to the proliferation of cell phone cameras and the like, just about anyone can undertake a quality video in order to showcase a new company or product. Such videos can feature a variety of information, from the history of the company to a description of what type of service is provided.
Creating a custom video is also quite inexpensive when compared to other types of advertising. In many cases, videos can be hosted for free on a number of different sites, allowing business owners unbelievable access to clients without spending a penny.

Videos Can Even Improve Search Results

Research indicates that videos can even improve search engine ranking, which is an important of a company’s online presence. In some instances, content which includes videos appears higher among search terms than those without. This improved ranking is important to ensure your company appears before that of competitors when possible customers are doing searches.

See What Video Can Do for Your Business

A good online marketing plan should include video among other methods of reaching customers. Webstract Marketing has experience in video production, as well as other tools necessary for a successful online marketing campaign. Call today at 855-201-5800 and speak to one of our trusted representatives for more information.