Are You Using the Top 4 Methods for Reaching Customers on Social Media?
It wasn’t long ago that having a presence on Twitter and Facebook was enough for most companies. Today, Pinterest has actually moved Twitter out of second place on the list of sites that drive traffic. New social medial platforms are being launched seemingly every day, so how do you know how to stay relevant? The best option is to reach out to Webstract and let us handle your social media marketing for you.
Otherwise, if you want to post add content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media spots, then we want to offer four tips to ensure you’re making the most of the methods that are available to you.

  1. Do your research on hashtags

  2. Traffic on both Twitter and Instagram can be driven by hashtags. There are online sites that will tell you exactly how often a certain hashtag has been used. When you’re posting on Instagram, remember that you’re allowed to post with as many as 30 hashtags. This is an excellent way to get others familiar with your brand.
    Another advantage of hashtags on both Twitter and Instagram is that they essentially sort and archive your posts. If you’re looking for an old tweet, you can simply search your page for that hashtag. The good news is that your customers can too. If they like something you’re sharing, all they have to do is click the hashtag to find more similar content from you.

  3. Make it worth their while to follow your social media accounts

  4. If all you’re doing is posting ads for your company, you’re not going to have many social media followers. One great way to encourage people to come to your accounts and to continue to follow them is to offer discounts, giveaways, exclusive promotions, or advice. In short, you need to offer something that’s actually useful and informative through your social media accounts. This is going to not only make your site better to follow, but it will make your current customers more likely to share your posts and get more new customers.

  5. Start by following your potential clients

  6. Join groups on various social media platforms that would likely be interested in what your company offers. Look at social media accounts for companies who are related to what you do, and follow their fans. If nothing else, this will ensure that people know who your brand is.

  7. Get a free website analysis

  8. Social media marketing should only be a part of your overall marketing plan. To find out how you’re doing, reach out to Webstract at 855-201-5800 and as for your free quote. We’ll even do a free website analysis for you to let you know what you’re doing right and how we can help you. Even if you believe you’re doing everything you can to get your site running smoothly, isn’t it worth getting some tips from the professionals?