Web DevelopmentWebsite maintenance is a lot like home maintenance. After a decade, a house may still look good, at least at a distance. But the paint may make the home start to look shabby. Websites age as well. The original content may no longer be fresh or interesting to regular visitors. The look and feel of the site may look dated to visitors who are accustomed to the increasing quality of sites on the Internet. Support software such as the CMS (Content Management System) may become outdated and cease to function reliably. Older security systems may no longer be effective against the latest viral threats. For these reasons, a web development strategy is important for most websites.

The Importance of Fresh Content

Although the ideal customer would visit a business website and immediately make a purchase, most customers like to “window shop online” as well. Many are looking for ideas and solutions although they may not be ready to actually make a purchase. This is the first purpose of website copy, to engage the customer with the information they are looking for. If the content helps the customer, either to make an immediate purchase or to prepare for a future purchase, it is all the same in the long term. In other words, engaging copy keeps the customer coming to the website while stale content may induce the customer to try a competitor site instead.
Search engines favor fresh content as well. They place sites with continually fresh copy at a higher ranking than those with static content. Webstract Marketing provides regular, fresh content for websites in order to keep them attractive to both customers and search engines

Why Upgrade Site Software?

Modern websites spoil visitors in a good way. New features make the Internet easier to use, products easier to buy, and the overall online experience more pleasant. This makes it important for websites to “keep up” with the state of the art. Imagine a customer who is happy with a particular website, but then visits a continually-improved site and sees how much easier it is to use. They may return to the original site and wonder why they are not as advanced as the more modern site. This situation can cast a pall of obsolescence on a site and on the featured products as well. It can create a barrier to purchase. Continual improvement maintains the reputation and the sales potential of a website.

We Can Be Your Web Development Experts

Let us take care of your website management and leave you free to concentrate on your core competency. We, at Webstract Marketing, are experts at site maintenance. Contact us today for more information.