Internet PresenceOne of the most important goals of your Internet marketing efforts is to attract loyal customers. These repeat customers conduct their own business and are often responsible for sending new consumers your way. What can you do to bring these loyal clients back time after time? A strong social media presence is one effective tool that businesses sometimes ignore. Asking for feedback is another. Use these five ideas to improve your loyal customer base through the use of the Internet:

One: Send Out Regular Newsletters

Hopefully, you are already regularly publishing a newsletter. This is a great chance to send fresh information to your clients, keeping you constantly in their minds. This tactic works because you are able to reach your clients through their own email a place that they visit on a daily basis. The newsletter allows you to create feelings of trust and familiarity in your customers. Make sure that the publication features helpful information, pertinent advice, and interesting facts. As you deliver information that people enjoy receiving, you will keep clients and may gain new prospects when that newsletter is shared.

Two: Engage Your Target Market

Put your readers in a position where they can offer feedback. The chance to respond to questions or provide a review allows your customers to feel engaged with your business. One popular tool to use for feedback is the survey. You can introduce a new idea, use the survey to gauge interest, and then promote those products or services that were most popular. As you involve your clients in your planning efforts, they will respond more enthusiastically as new items are introduced.

Three: Use Social Media to Interact With Customers

Setting yourself up on a variety of social media sites is the first step, but interacting with customers on these sites is crucial. In order to turn viewers into clients, try running a promotion, offering special coupons, or creating a contest. The trick is to give your viewers the chance to act – right away.

Four: Link Your Internet Activities to an In-Person Event

If you have a physical location, then host a special event with coupons, the chance to try out your products, and the opportunity to shake hands with business leaders who have had a presence online. If you don’t have a physical location, the event might take the form of an online training course. Some events are as simple as a monthly drawing or sale.

Five: Generate Offers That Clients Want to Share

Maybe you have tried special offers in the past without success. Now is the time to try again. Use these guidelines as you create an offer:

  • The offer meets a need or want for your customers
  • The offer is based on incentives with a proven track record
  • The offer reflects the parts of your business that individuals will share with their friends

Wrapping It Up

As you work to strengthen your relationship with current clients and work to attract new customers, an Internet presence is one of your most powerful tools. Webstract Marketing can assist with planning a strategy that may include newsletters, carefully planned interactions, and special offers in order please your audience and attract new customers.