The Most Effective Tip to Getting More Online Reviews is So Easy You Won’t Believe It
Depending on the type of business you are running, online reviews may be vital to your positive reputation. Many reviews left for companies are what is known as organic, which means the customers left them without any incentive. However, one study showed that nearly 70% of consumers left a review for a local company when they were asked to. That’s right – the secret to getting more reviews is that simple: Asking for them.

Customers feel needed and appreciated when their feedback is sought out

Some companies worry about asking their clients for reviews on social media sites and review sites. The truth is that when you ask a client for feedback, they believe that their opinion matters. They believe that they are being heard. Asking for reviews does more than potentially boost your reviews – it also provides your customers / clients with the feeling that they are being validated and that their business is valued.

Make sure your company is on the big three

Before you ask your clients to leave you reviews, you will want to make sure that your business is set up on the three most relevant review sites: Facebook, Google, and Yelp. If you are not sure how to do that, then you will want to reach out to a digital marketing company who can take care of it for you. Remember that at Webstract we can start the process with a free website consultation.

Know when you should be asking for feedback

Though asking for reviews is a smart thing to do, if you do it the wrong way it could cause more trouble than it is worth. You need the right timing, you need to understand the context in which you are asking, and you need to have tact. You do not want your clients / customers to believe that you are pandering to them.
One option is to wait for a customer to compliment you. For example, let’s say you run a coffee shop. A regular comes in and says that they look forward to their morning cup of coffee every day. A great way to respond is to simply say, “That’s so great to hear! We’d love it if you could share that online. That kind of stuff really helps us reach new customers.” Just make sure that you have made it easy for them to figure out how to leave a review. You may have business cards on hand with the web addressed to your Facebook and Yelp accounts.

We can help you with these and other creative marketing ideas

Are you ready to reach a bigger audience then you ever thought possible? Are you ready to move forward in the world with an improved business and improved customer service? At Webstract we are here to help you get in touch with potential clients and customers. Reach out to us today and we can begin by giving you a free analysis of your current website.