158553810Mobile Marketing Is Different From Traditional Advertising

A generation ago, advertising most often meant large billboards on the road or paper mailings delivered to the homes and businesses of potential customers. As computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices have become more popular, the profile of advertising has changed. Potential clients might be looking at your ad in a whole variety of different situations: at home, on the train, in a coffee shop, even while walking down the street. Mobile devices range from large tablets to tiny phones, each one with its own format and visual requirements. For smart mobile marketing, keep all these principles in mind:

  • Optimize blogs and sites for small screens.
  • Offer quick, accessible content for visits that may last only a few seconds.
  • Give your customers great deals.
  • Keep your customers notified of new events and other relevant information

Thinking Big on a Small Screen

Designs that look great on a 20-inch terminal may not be as effective on a tiny phone screen. Your mobile website shouldn’t just be a directly downsized version of your regular site. Take the time to work with a web design professional and build a mobile site that really works on fingertip scale. Great graphics, a user-friendly interface, and abbreviated texts can help attract customers and keep them coming back to your mobile website. Remember that a visit on a smartphone may last just a few seconds. Make the most of those seconds.

Always Offer a Great Deal

Once you’ve attracted a potential mobile customer with great design and an inviting user interface, seal the deal by offering something exciting. Personalized mobile deals should be usable directly from the customer’s own device, using a QR code or another easy interface. When customers see that they can enjoy an immediate discount at any time they choose, you build loyalty and increase the possibility that they’ll come back for more. Think of mobile deals as powerful coupons you can use to increase your customer base.

Stay on Top of Events

Potential customers check their smartphones and tablets many times per day, looking for the latest information on a wide variety of personal and business interests. When you stay on top of current events in your company and your industry, you’re almost guaranteed to build a wider readership. Short blog articles, tweets, and other social media posts can keep everyone informed about your special sales and new offers.
Tablet and smartphone strategies can bring increased traffic to your site and help build your readership every day. Contact us at Webstract Marketing for more information on mobile marketing.