How to Stop Your Emails Being Marked as Spam
While email marketing can be the kick your business needs to start building an audience, producing revenue, and gaining followers, it can also be what marks you as a spammer. There’s a fine line to cross when it comes to what is considered spam for all the email systems nowadays. Fortunately, you can avoid being marked as spam as efficiently as possible by utilizing these tips.

Stay Compliant

The CAN-SPAM act of 2003 is what causes the majority of people filtered to spam to go there. All you have to do is stay compliant to stay above the fray. This is simple to do, especially when you’re not actually a spammer. Don’t use misleading or false subject lines, header information, and never tell your email recipients where your physical location is. You’re required to have an opt-out feature so subscribers can stop receiving emails in the future if they wish, and you have to honor each opt-out request promptly and appropriately. Finally, make sure you’re keeping an eye on who’s using your name, and avoid the email from appearing as an ad rather than a newsletter or something more engaging.

Don’t Use Trigger Words

There are certain phrases and words that can’t be used in emails without them being filtered to the spam folder. There is, unfortunately, not a complete list of all the words that cause email systems to filter out certain emails. However, the general theme is to make sure your email doesn’t come off as a commercial promotion or advertisement. Stick to being as genuine, friendly, and communicative with your email recipients as possible. Also, do some research as to what common phrases are targeted as phishing attacks to avoid using those in your emails.

Always Send Text

Even if you send emails that are primarily coded with HTML, you can also send a text version to automatically adjust to that email depending on if the recipient can view the HTML email or not. This is a great way to avoid landing in the spam folder, as HTML laced emails without a text version are usually automatically sent there.

Use Spam Checkers

There are free websites and downloadable tools for checking your emails before sending them to filter out all the spam for sure. While they’re not completely accurate, because there’s always room for error, running your emails through two or three of these spam checkers before giving it the green light is the best way to minimize any email systems filtering you to spam.
No one wants to be sent to spam. Spam implies that you’re not a trustworthy or legitimate website/business. Go above and beyond and get out of the spam folder by straightening up your emails and double checking them before sending theme through. Call Webstract Marketing at 855-201-5800 or shoot us an email at to get started on your first email marketing campaign, done the right way and free of spam.