Is SEO Still Relevant in 2017?There’s no question that the world of online marketing has changed many times over the years. In fact, what worked a few years ago would likely not do much for a site today. That said, many people are beginning to wonder: is SEO still relevant? If you’re wondering if it can help your site specifically, then we recommend you reach out to us at Webstract by calling 855-201-5800. We can assess your website and offer a free quote with specific services that may work for you. Otherwise, read on to learn more about the continuing relevance of SEO.

SEO may be more important than ever before

We’ll end the tension and answer the question directly: Not only is SEO still relevant but it may be more relevant than it ever was. It’s such an important part of any digital marketing effort, and can truly mean the difference between getting a ton of traffic and being lost on the internet.
Of course, not everyone agrees that it’s still relevant. Why is that? Because it’s true that SEO has changed. Algorithms have changed. Today, they reward websites with great content – not just sites stuffed with keywords. This leads some companies to believe that good posts are all that matter, and that SEO is not as important.
It’s true that great content is going to do a better job of engaging customers and keeping them coming back, but it’s also true that you need SEO to get them there in the first place. After all, no matter how good your content is, it’s not doing anyone any good if no one sees it.

As long as people use search engines, SEO will be relevant

Think about it like this: The last time you needed to find something on the internet, what did you do? You used a search engine to try and find it. This is the main way that anyone finds anything online. Consider that just Google will handle more than 40,000 searches – ever single second! That’s almost four billion searches a day. You can see that the chances are good that at least some of those searchers are relevant to your business.
But how do you find them? How do you direct those users who need what your company offers? Search Engine Optimization, of course.

Learn more about your SEO options

If your website could use some SEO help then today is the day to reach out to Webstract. Call us at 855-201-5800 and we’ll take a look at your website for free! Get your quote and find out how your website could be improved to better attract paying customers or clients.