Is SEO Really Relevant in 2017?
SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is essentially work that is done to try and help your website appear closer to the top of results in the major search engines. Successful SEO requires not only learning complicated search engine algorithms – it requires keeping up their constant changes. This is why many companies don’t understand SEO very well and therefore assume that it’s not relevant in 2017. At Webstract, we are here with our professional opinion: It’s more important than ever.
SEO still matters
Yes, SEO matters – it’s an essential part of any digital marketing plan. It can be the only difference between being lost among billions of other websites and getting a ton of traffic. What may be confusing people is that SEO is no longer enough on its own. In 2017 it must be used in conjunction with genuinely good content. That said, good content on its own isn’t enough: The best option is a combination of valuable content and wisely placed and used keywords.

How do people browse the internet?

If you’re not sure that SEO is relevant, ask yourself this: How do people get around the internet? How do they find what they’re looking for? Imagine the last time you got online. How did you find this blog post that you’re reading? It’s extremely likely that a search engine was involved.
Most people use search engines to find what they need and the way your company is listed will have a huge impact on how much traffic you get. Consider this: Google gets about 40,000 search queries a second! That’s more than 3 ½ billion a day. With that many searches, there’s a good chance that a few of them relate to what you’re offering.

Spending money on content without spending money on SEO is hopeless

Your company can create the best content out there on your particular product or service, but if no one sees it, what good will it be? You can share it with your online audience and ask your friends and family to share it. That might give you a few thousand views – at most. But how do you get the world at large to see this incredible content you’ve invested in? By investing in SEO. Don’t waste your efforts or your content – make sure it’s easy to find with SEO services.

Keywords are important and ever changing

Keywords have been important since digital marketing was created but keywords aren’t processed the way they used to. The old tricks not only don’t work but can actually get your company penalized by the search engines. The key today is to know what keywords to use and how to use them.
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