SEO Hats: Understanding White, Black, Gray, and Their Impact
Search Engine Optimization, more often known as SEO, is the process of working to create content on your website to increase both the quality of traffic that comes to it and the quantity. For example, if you owned a company that sold men’s work shirts, you would want a search for “men’s work shirts” to show your company within its first few results.
However, wishing it would show up there and having it show up there are two different things. The reality is that if you are a smaller company, you are competing with multinational corporations that also want to rank for those keywords. The good news is that there are steps you can take to change this. That may involve a more robust SEO process or it may involve working to optimize for more niche keywords. An example would be “men’s blue button up work shirts” instead of the simpler, harder to rank keyword “men’s work shirts.
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There are three types of “hats”

If you do your own research into SEO topics you will likely find plenty of mentions of white, black, and gray hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO includes tactics that are highly frowned upon. They are generally aggressive and cater only to search engines – not actual people. Black hat SEO techniques break the rules search engines have laid out. Examples can include link farms, paid links, and hidden text.
Gray hat SEO techniques are on the cups between good and bad. Note that Google and other search engines do not publish all the ways you can increase your traffic. Gray hat techniques that get questionable results, such as three-way link exchange, buying old or expired domains with high SEO results, or article spinning. Gray hat SEO techniques are generally frowned upon and can do more damage than good to your website.
Finally, we have white hat SEO techniques. These are the ones that are highly recommend and are much more likely to boost your rankings. They should be looked at as ways to get long-term results. Examples including guest blogs, link baiting, and site optimization.
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