SEO is EvolvingAs more and more companies recognize just how many of their customers are moving online, the value and importance placed on search engine optimization (SEO) has increased. These days, if one doesn’t have any sort of SEO campaign in place, he or she runs the risk of having his or her company buried on the back pages of search engines. Yet just like any other marketing specialty, SEO is a fluid and dynamic field. Those practices that were so effective in driving customers to your site yesterday may be deemed obsolete by tomorrow. Thus, in order to ensure the continued efficiency of your online marketing efforts, it’s important that you keep an eye out for new trends in internet marketing.

SEO vs. Content Marketing

For starters, the idea of SEO itself is being redefined. Whereas strict SEO focuses was on picking certain keywords and devoting attention to gaining ranking, some companies have begun to transition to a more comprehensive approach of content marketing, which involves creating brand awareness via social media, establishing companies as subject matter experts, and paying closer attention to content conversion rates. With the goal of both ideas being increased internet traffic, many have begun to use the terms interchangeably.
Yet not to be overlooked is the fact that true content marketing has it’s footprints in SEO. The 2014 Moz Industry Survey gives the breakdown of marketers currently employed strictly in either SEO or content marketing as follows:

  • 78% for SEO
  • 49% for content marketing

Thus, those saying that SEO is giving way to content marketing may be overlooking the stranglehold that search engine ranking still has on online advertising.

Social Media: The New Kid on the Block

The proliferation of social media services has forever changed the face of SEO. Where organic searches aim to approximate what a group of consumers may be thinking, social media takes the more direct approach of going straight to the source and establishing a link with customers individually. While social media marketing strategies may still be in their infancy in terms of development and practice, many experts believe that they could soon become the #1 source of content dissemination online. Recent research seems to back up this idea. According to Shareaholic, sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounted for nearly 30% of all online retailer traffic in 2013.
Understanding just how SEO in evolving is vital to your continued success in your online marketing efforts. Yet without one eye permanently affixed to the online market, it’s difficult to spot new trends as they come in vogue. That’s why it’s so important to have an online marketing partner to track these market trend changes for you and to offer you advice and assistance in updating your content.
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