SEO: What it is and Why Your Company Should Care
Most companies have heard of SEO but not everyone knows what it is. You can search to get a definition and discover that it’s the process of working to increase your company’s visibility on search engine’s results. But what does that really mean – and more importantly – why should your company care?
Keep reading to get the most basic overview of SEO and how it can work for your company. Then contact Webstract at 855-201-5800 for a free analysis. We’ll consider what your company is doing today, what your website looks like, and what your goals are. We can then come up with a personalized plan to boost your rankings on search engines.

Why your company should care about SEO

Most people search for many things every day. That search traffic can be extremely powerful for you, not just because it means more traffic to your website but because the quality of that traffic is high. Think of it this way: If you sell brown pants, would you prefer to rent a billboard so that everyone driving by sees that you sell brown pants, or would you prefer it if when someone searched for brown pants on the internet, they’d find your website?
The second is more valuable because while you may be reaching fewer people, the people you are reaching are specifically looking for what you offer. They may also be looking for things that are loosely related to your company. Your digital marketing company can help you determine the right keywords to target to gain the best, most targeted search traffic.

Does SEO actually work?

Yes and no. If your work with a company that know what they’re doing, then you can see a significant increase in traffic. However, at the end of the day Google is responsible for the majority of online traffic and they are constantly changing the rules regarding what types of SEO work and what doesn’t. To make it even more complicated, they don’t release the specifics. It’s up to the experienced digital marketing companies to stay on top of the changes.

What does Google look for?

While the ins and outs change, one thing is always true about what Google wants when it’s ranking pages: It wants high-quality content with information that’s relevant to what the person is searching. They make a determination about how well a website meets these requirements by “crawling” your website and evaluating it with an algorithm that helps it decide if what the reader is looking for is found on the page. Keyword usage is important here.

There’s a lot more to SEO – Let us help

Trying to figure out which keywords to use and how to use them correctly can be a challenge. Deciding how to position your page can be tough. What isn’t tough is working with Webstract. We are happy to provide a website analysis at no cost so you can see firsthand how we’d help improve your website.