Ready for Results? 3 B2B Lead Generation Options That Really Work
We live in a world in which finding options for business to business lead generation isn’t hard. In fact, there are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. Should you get a Google AdWords account? Should you direct message everyone you can think of on LinkedIn? Who can you trust? What’s the next step? The truth is that finding answers isn’t hard – the difficult part is finding the right answers.
As you consider your lead generation strategy moving forward, you need to ask yourself some important questions. What returns are reasonable to expect? How much money and time do you have to invest? Read on to get info on three B2B lead generation options that really work. Then contact Webstract at 855-201-5800 to learn more about additional options at PPC marketing and much more.

  1. Email campaigns
  2. The fastest, cheapest way to drive a lead is to simply send an email. If you have an email list that you haven’t been using, dust it off and get it back in the running. If you have never created one, take a look at your contacts on LinkedIn or Outlook to compile one. If you’re new to the industry, consider buying a list of emails that have proven interest in your industry.
    When you start out, your email campaign should immediately outline what the main point of your product or service is. You can have a few details bullet pointed plus a very clear call to action. Once you’ve sent out the first campaign, keep a close eye on who opens it and clicks through. Those are the ones interested enough to take the next step but not enough to give you their information. These may be worth following up with directly.

  3. Use social media advertising for customer matches
  4. Another option is to upload your email list to Facebook or Twitter and then match up the emails you have with users. Then advertise to a custom audience. When you do this, you’re targeting a reliable and effective customer. You could also work to create what’s known as a “lookalike” audience from an email list. This allows you to reach folks who would likely be interested in what you offer because they share traits with your current customers.
    The above requires that you already have an email list to upload. If you don’t, then most social media ad platforms are going to have demographic information that allows you to pinpoint and advertise to the right customers. Just make sure that you test any marketing first and then invest to get the best returns.

  5. Mining LinkedIn
  6. If you know who you’re trying to target, then there’s likely no better platform than LinkedIn. They offer both the tools and the opportunity for direct contact with prospective clients. This is a simple process. Just make a request for a connection. Once it’s been established, develop a relationship. Once you’ve developed trust, work on setting up an appointment or a demo.

If you need more idea or assistance in B2B lead generation then it’s time to set up a free consultation with a digital marketing firm. Contact Webstract today to get started.