Make sure your company’s online marketing plan is ready to leverage these 5 important trends

Making your company’s website pop up high in the Google search results and maintaining your social media presence have been key parts of any quality online marketing plan for years now. But each new year does bring new twists to the process. Here are the top 5 online marketing trends for 2014. Check them out and see if your team is ready to tackle the challenge of incorporating them into your online marketing plan.
2014 SEO Trends

Additional Changes to Google Search Algorithms

The past three years have all brought double-digit numbers of noteworthy changes to Google’s search algorithms. Panda in particular caused quite an uproar in the SEO community. While there will not be any additional updates to the Panda algorithm since it has been merged with the main Google algorithm, we can expect to see plenty of new updates to that main algorithm. For example, changes to the algorithm’s treatment of link-building tactics have been forecast. The online marketing community expects 2014 to be another year of adapting to ever-changing Google search requirements.

Optimization for Mobile Media Consumption

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular, with a 10 percent increase in the number of smartphone users occurring in the first half of 2013 alone. Because more than half of individuals who shop online at least once per week own a mobile device, it’s only logical that online marketing professionals will continue to adapt their content to suit mobile devices. This could be accomplished with the construction of a dedicated mobile site or with the creation of responsive websites designed to automatically adjust to the user’s screen size.

Local Search Becoming Increasingly Competitive

According to data from Google, 20 percent of searches are related to location. Local searches are often especially important to on-the-move mobile users. One way to improve results for local searches is to claim local listings on Google for all pertinent business locations. Because more and more businesses are utilizing this tactic, in 2014 it will become important to not only claim the listings but also optimize the profile and continually freshen the content by adding new images, coupons, or other information in order to continue to stay ahead of the competition.

HTML5 Edges Out Flash

As of May of 2013, the number of web users viewing content in HTML 5 compatible environments overtook the number of users with Flash environments. Savvy web designers will be taking this into account in 2014, making sure any sites that are not already compatible with HTML 5 are updated. HTML 5 allows for dynamic content without costly and time-consuming add-ons, and it will soon be compatible with just about every browser on every device.

Pinterest Usage Skyrockets

According to data from’s 2012 Social Media Report, Pinterest is absolutely killing it among white and Hispanic women aged 18 to 64. The site has continued to grow in 2013, with 70 million subscribers as of July 2013. If this growth continues, Pinterest could soon surpass Twitter in terms of total number of user accounts. Based on these trends, any company targeting women should be including Pinterest in their online marketing campaign plans for 2014.