Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising the Best Option for Limited Budgets?
Many companies believe that if they want to get started with a digital marketing strategy, they need to have an enormous budget. This simply isn’t true. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get attention – you just need to spend money effectively. Webstract is the perfect partner to help you do that. Read on to learn the reasons pay-per-click advertising is a great choice for limited budgets and then contact us for your free quote and website analysis.

PPC marketing can be used to target visitors at any stage of the buying funnel

To begin with, you may focus your keywords on customers who are ready to buy. PPC allows you to target places, specific times, and specific languages in order for you to pinpoint the customer that’s most qualified and most likely to buy right away. Other marketing options simply target the general public, or a larger portion of your target demographic. PPC is incredibly effective at targeting very specific customers.

We’ve seen no direct correlation between results and budget

There are plenty of ways you can buy ads that require you to spend more to get more. That’s not the case with PPC. In our experience, if you were to get a huge infusion of cash and triple your PPC budget, you aren’t necessarily going to triple your quality leads. Why? Because we start by targeting those who are most relevant to your buying funnel.

PPC allows you to test tons of messages

With print ads or online banners, you’re often limited to a single message. You must choose one version, one text, and one graphic and hope for the best. On the other hand, with PPC you can test a variety of combinations of words, messages, and graphics. We perform design tests to see if changing up your keywords, ad copy, or landing pages will increase your qualified click and can adjust your program accordingly.

You can stick your toes into a lot of different markets

While your initial PPC marketing campaign will likely be geared toward the most qualified leads, as time goes on you can expand the market. If we find an ad works great in a certain market, we can test it in another. It’s simple and easy to do a small, affordable test in new markets before unrolling an entire digital marketing campaign.

Do you have questions about PPC marketing?

Whether you’re super tech savvy and want the professionals to fine-tune your approach, or your company is new to the world of PPC marketing, Webstract is here to help. All you have to do is reach out to us and we’ll not only give you a free quote, but we’ll provide a free analysis of your website. We’ll let you know what’s working, what could be improved, and how we can boost your engagement with potential customers.