Future of Web DesignWeb design trends come and go quickly, and it is important to keep up with the curve to ensure that your website looks up-to-date and trustworthy to potential customers. Not every trend in web design is right for every business, but the goal of every designer should be to create a web page that is attractive, readable, and an expression of the company’s personality. Here are some of the top recent web design trends to consider when building or updating your website.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile hasn’t overtaken desktop for the most popular way to access the Internet quite yet, but it seems as if it may happen soon. Keep users who are on tablets and smartphones in mind when designing your site.

Flat Design

Flat design is a minimalist design philosophy that advocates leaving out excess visual cues and cutting straight to the chase. It makes smart use of bright colors, easy to read text, and links that provide immediate access to information.


As an extension of flat design, minimalism is in when it comes to almost all aspects of web design. Before adding a picture or a flashy animation, as yourself if your site really needs it, or if the experience of navigating your web page is smoother without.

Scrolling Sites

Scrolling sites provide a dynamic experience that changes as the user scrolls down the page. Pictures grow and shrink, and text appears or disappears according to where the scroll bar is on the page.

Less Text

Following the theme of minimalism, cutting down on the amount of text is another huge web design trend. Practice saying a lot with just a few words, and make use of images and pop up text when you can.

Overlays and Lightboxes

Links that direct to other pages are losing out in popularity to links that open new boxes over the existing page. This is a great way to showcase portfolio or catalog items that are all indexed on one page, but it can work for other types of websites too.

Artful Typography

Using fonts as art is another huge trend in web design. Most modern designers know as much about how to tell a story using different type faces as they do with different pictures.

Tiled Design

Tiled design is a huge trend for websites that have a lot of images such as catalogs or portfolios. Tiles condense many images into a small amount of space, and allow users to click on them to expand.


Infographics have also really taken off as a way to convey information in a succinct and interesting way. A good graphic makes a brief but powerful point in a clever way.
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