You May Be Surprised to Learn the Truth About SEO
In today’s digital market place, it’s wise for every company to seriously consider their SEO strategy. However, it’s also important to go into this type of marketing with an open mind and with an understanding of what the eventual goals are. At Webstract, we will keep you in the loop from day one. Here are some things you should know before you get started.

Rankings aren’t as important as you may think

Many companies want to focus solely on rankings but the truth is that it’s possible to get a great ranking and still not have much more traffic. It’s also possible to have a great ranking, increase traffic, and not getting any additional sales or leads. Rankings are important but they’re not the end goal.
In the end, we see many companies fall into the trap of thinking that if they can just get to the first page of Google, or get the top spot for a specific search term, that they’ll see a significant increase in revenue. At Webstract, our SEO strategy is always part of a larger strategy that indeed works to increase your ranking but has an end goal of increasing good leads to your site.

Quality is always more important than quantity

When working on SEO, you’re trying to get Google (and other search engines) to see your page as a useful site for people searching. If you’re simply throwing keyword stuffed content out there, potential customers aren’t going to care about it – and neither is Google.

SEO is always a long-term goal

While the experts at Webstract can work quickly, remember that this isn’t an overnight phenomenon. Our goal is to get you a real foothold with search terms that result in more sales. SEO isn’t going to be an overnight solution to any problems your company is having today.

An overall strategy is what’s going to increase your clicks

Remember that content doesn’t actually appear on the results page of a search engine: Your title and meta description do. As a result, they’re just as important – if not more so – than the actual content. That’s why our copywriting services focus on an approach that takes every aspect of the content into consideration.

The only thing that matters is profit

When it comes down to it, the only thing that shows a good SEO strategy is an increase in profit. It’s great to get high rankings and high click through rates are also great. However, if they don’t actually increase your bottom line, then these increases mean nothing.
At Webstract, we provide customized solutions for your unique needs. Contact us today at Webstract or via our website to learn more about how we can help you. We’ll give you not just a free quote but an actual analysis of your website.