Learn the Top Secret to a Successful Social Media Strategy
The famous director Alfred Hitchcock once said something that is interestingly relevant to marketing in this digital age. When asked about what three things he needed to make a great film, his answer was simple: “The script, the script, the script.” While this was true for him, it’s also true for social media strategy. If you don’t have the right strategy, then the issues with your current strategy are only going to get worse.
This is why we always work to create the best possible “script” that we can. This ensures that your strategy is moving forward correctly. To learn more about your options, keep reading or contact Webstract at 855-201-5800 for a free website analysis.

Start by looking at 100% of your brand’s social media posts

It sounds tedious and it can be, but it’s necessary: Look at every single social media post your brand has made. This is going to give you invaluable information on what your future script should say. There are three reasons it’s a huge help:

  1. It allows you to find the tone and voice that best connects with people;
  2. It allows you to discover what’s most popular;
  3. It allows you to discover seasonal content you can always be part of.

Keep this information organized with a spreadsheet. Have tabs for each month you’ve been using it, and then keep a “general” tab too. That general tab should have information on popular statues you can share any time of the year. The other sheets should have a date, the status update, the link you sent with it, and any notes you have about it. The goal is to fill up your spreadsheet so that your brand can come to life online.

Keep an eye out for customer gems

If a customer leaves a comment or engages with your brand in a way that really captures how you want others to see your brand, then you want to take advantage of that. Use their voice to get your social media posts to resonate with others.
To find these gems, look at what people are saying about your brand. You’ll look at reviews on various sites including Google+ and Yelp, social media updates, and on platforms like Twitter. When you see something you like, add it to your spreadsheet. You can use variations of this quote, or parts of it, to add to your content strategy.

Keep an eye on the media

Journalists are in their profession for a reason: They’re good with words. Listen to how they talk about brands. Listen to their scripts. When you’re developing your own, you want to find out what words are already being used to describe your brand. Find articles that talk about your company in the way you’d like it to be discussed, or that talk about other companies you’re competing with. The more information you can gather, the better you’ll understand your overall script.