Learn Why You Should Never Use a Template to Build a Business Website
There are many situations in which templates are useful. They’re great for learning how to sew a dress, or getting stencils right when you’re painting a wall. Print publications use templates to get their layouts consistent. While these may be great uses of templates, there’s at least one situation in which we can never recommend using a template: When you’re building a website for your business.

How did you create your resume?

It used to be that one of the easiest ways to create a resume was to use the template offered in Microsoft Word. Today, most people know that this is not the best option. Why? First of all, because it’s picky. It specifies the size of margins, tells you where italics must go, and choose fonts for you. If you make even a minor change to the template, then everything will go out of whack.
Even if you do get the template to look decent when you’re done, you’ll still end up with content that’s pigeonholed and uninteresting. You want your resume to stand out. You want whoever’s looking at it to do more than give it a cursory glance. This is why you should never use a resume template: Because a savvy HR person will spot it a mile away and it will be chucked in with all the other dull resumes they’ve received.

Templates send the wrong message

The same is true for website templates as is true for resume templates. You want your website to strike your clients or customers. You want it to be memorable. You want them to visit your website and know that they’re at your website. Your website will be one of the main ways in which customers get familiar with your brand and interact with you. Show them why your business is unique by investing in professional web development services that showcase what you have to offer.

Unless your business was carved from a template your website shouldn’t be

There are some exceptions to the rule of never using a template to create your website. If you bought into a franchise and are running a company with a national website that’s well known, then you’d want to follow that template. The reason is the same as the reason you don’t want to use it for other purposes: Following that well-known template lets customers know what your company is and what it offers.

Trust the professionals to get your website right

If your company already has a website, then you’re likely looking at it right now and wondering if it looks like a template. Stop wondering and reach out to Webstract. You can submit a request online or call us at 855-201-5800. Either way, take advantage of our free website analysis. We will offer an honest and comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of your website.
If your company doesn’t yet have a website then we can create an entire plan for you from start to finish. Reach out today and let’s get started!