Connect with more mobile social media users by following these tips

Social Media for Mobile More and more social media users are going mobile. After all, what better way to share in-the-moment thoughts, reactions, and feelings on social media than with a mobile device? There are currently over 6 billion active mobile devices in the world, and chances are good that a significant portion of your social media contacts are viewing your company’s content on the go. If you need proof, just check your Facebook Insights and see how many of your “Likes” have come from mobile users. In order to reach these mobile users more effectively, you need to make sure your social media is optimized for mobile. Here are some tips and tricks to help you accomplish this.

Make it Visual

The number one tip for optimizing your social media postings for mobile is to increase your reliance on the visual. Images and graphics are not only more eye-catching, they are also easier to absorb on the go than text. Visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text! Photo updates on Facebook get liked twice as often as text updates, and image tweets get 91 percent more retweets and favorites than text-only tweets. Be sure to pin an eye-catching photo post to the top of your Facebook page so that new mobile visitors will be sure to see it.

Size it for Mobile

Sizing your posts to fit perfectly on small mobile screens is crucial. No one wants to scroll around endlessly to try to view a photo on mobile! Make your photos 620×412 pixels, maximum. Also, limit your photo captions to 100 characters if you want to please mobile users. Be sure that you have developed an awesome mobile website so that users who like your social media content will be able to visit your site and learn more about your company easily on their mobile devices.

Post Often

Posting often is always smart, but it is especially important when courting mobile users. You need to stay up at the top of their news feeds to increase the chances of users seeing and interacting with your posts.

Avoid Sidebar Ads

Facebook ads should definitely be a key part of your social media strategy. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform for Americans and users spend lots of time there. However, if you want your Facebook ads to reach mobile users, you need to limit your reliance on Sidebar Ads. These ads will not show up on mobile news feeds. Page Post Ads and Sponsored Stories will, so they make better choices for a mobile ad campaign.

Get the Pros to Help

Social media apps and options are always evolving, so if you really want to stay on top of your social media marketing, it’s an excellent idea to get a professional marketing company to handle it all for you. Webstract Marketing can create a cohesive and effective social media marketing strategy for your business and ensure that it is optimized for mobile to boot.