At Webstract Marketing, we are dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses make the most of the internet marketing opportunities available to them. In this blog series, we’re going to tackle all your questions about various avenues of internet marketing, and answer those pesky little “Do I Really Need…” doubts once and for all.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Dollars

We know that every dollar counts in today’s economy. That’s why we want to make sure that you choose the right marketing activities that will get you the results you want, whether that’s increasing site traffic, capturing email addresses from potential customers, or making web sales.
We don’t want to see our customers simply hopping on the bandwagon with whatever the latest trend in internet marketing or social media may be. Instead, we want you to be able to intelligently weigh your options and understand the risks and rewards of every strategy. So if you’ve ever looked at some aspect of your internet marketing strategy and wondered “Do I really need this?” we’re here to try to help you find an answer.
Here are the topics we’ll be covering in our first 5 installments of our “Do I Really Need…” series.

Do I Really Need a Mobile Website?

Get the facts about how changing consumer behavior is making mobile websites a necessity for businesses. With more and more customers shopping on their smartphone or tablet and expecting high-quality websites specifically designed to accommodate small screens, you could be losing business by not having a mobile website.
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Do I Really Need Search Engine Optimization?

Learn about the changing landscape of search engine optimization. As the algorithms and criteria that search engines use to evaluate websites change, so do the strategies involved in boosting your search results and positioning your website as an authoritative source.
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Do I Really Need Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing has been subject to rising prices and diminishing returns over the past few years. Find out how to make this potentially lucrative marketing strategy work for you, without letting it consume your entire budget.
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Do I Really Need Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a popular buzz word in the internet marketing world, but is it really useful? What is the point of social media marketing? Discover why and how to use social media marketing in this article.
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Do I Really Need Custom Video?

As you strive to maintain your company’s status as a trusted, reliable provider of goods and services in your particular niche, content marketing will be key. In this article, you can learn about all the benefits of adding videos to your content marketing arsenal. It’s easier—and cheaper—than you might think.
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Next Steps

We hope you will find these articles informative and entertaining. But remember, the advice in these articles is just a general baseline for good internet marketing practices. The elements of your unique internet marketing strategy will be tailored to your company’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, and needs. For the most detailed answers to your “Do I Really Need…” questions, ask us for personalized advice.