The Importance of Local Advertising and Local SEO
At Webstract, when we work with businesses on their SEO strategy, they typically have a single goal: Ranking first on Google’s search results. Of course, we understand why this is their goal – and in some cases it may be the right move. However, for every company that truly needs to rank on a global level, there are hundreds of companies that could benefit more from a focus on local advertising and local SEO.

Local SEO may be more important – and easier – than you think

It’s common for people to believe that SEO is difficult. It’s not difficult. It can be complex, it can be time consuming, and it is always changing – but it’s not hard. In fact, there are some simple things you could likely do right now that would raise your ranking.
First of all, consider the importance of local SEO. In fact, it may be the best thing that’s come along for small businesses in 50 years. Local stores, retailers, restaurants, shops, service providers, etc. get a huge edge when they would otherwise be competing with enormous, multi-national organizations. After all, it’s unlikely you can compete on a global level, but competing within your community is a different thing entirely.

Make sure you have the right focus

As you build a local SEO strategy, what do you think should be most important? For most companies, the answer would be “ranking as high as possible.” This is true – you do want that. However, it’s not the most important thing to focus on. What you actually want to do is to get people to actually call you or visit your company.
Think of it this way: If all you concentrate on is making your company visible on search engines, then you’ll likely be successful. More people will see you but seeing you is just the first step. You need to make sure that you may it easy for them to take the next step. There are a few simple steps that can help encourage them to do just that.

Make sure it’s easy to find your business in real life

Finding your business online is great, but if you’re a local company then you also need to make it easy for consumers to find your physical space. Your web design should include maps, phone numbers, driving directions, and photos of your store. All of these factors can boost the chances that potential customers will take the next step.

Make sure you have a good online reputation

If someone finds you online then it’s likely they’re going to read what the internet has to say about you. This is why you want to have your social media accounts up to date and posted on frequently. If you get complains, respond to them professionally and publicly. No company can prevent any negative information from ever being written about them, but you can make sure that there’s plenty of positive information too.
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