If You Don’t Know These Marketing Metrics Then It’s Time to Hire a Digital Marketing Firm
The company that successfully markets their business is more likely to be around ten years from now than the company that relies on past success to fuel them. At Webstract, we work with companies in a variety of industries and from many backgrounds. Some of them have been on top of their marketing metrics since before they opened their doors, and others don’t know what marketing metrics means.
The bottom line is that there are several marketing metrics that are essential to help you know how to fuel growth. Read on to learn more about them. Then contact Webstract at 855-201-5800 for a free website analysis.

Who your audience is, where they are, and how you’re reaching them

Any successful marketing strategy is not going to just bring in customers but do so affordably. One of the best ways to do that is to target marketing efforts specifically to people who are more likely to be interested in your service or product. Begin by looking at who you have access to now. These are the current clients and customers, as well as social media followers. It can also include anyone who’s signed up for any email list.
You can get this information by creating the following lists:

  • An email subscriber list. You should always have a way for clients and potential clients to subscribe to your email list.
  • A phone number list. If possible, request access to text clients rather than email them. There are many current services that make it easy to text customers, and is a great idea for hair salons, restaurants, and other places where people are booking reservations.
  • Social media followers. You should keep a weekly tally of how many followers you have on various platforms and keep an eye on when numbers go up or down. Doing so can make it more obvious what works for people and what doesn’t.

Keeping an eye on the above is a great way to more finely tune your digital marketing efforts.

Your Google ranking

Do you know where you rank on Google searches? What about searches with other web browsers? If you’re going to make a serious investment into your digital marketing then you’re going to need to make an investment into what’s known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This can help your company rank higher – which means it will be shown to more people – when potential customers use certain keywords.

Get a free website analysis

The good news is that you don’t need to add “become a digital marketing expert” to your list of priorities. Instead, you just need to contact Webstract. We not only offer a free quote but we can offer a free website analysis. We can tell you what’s working, what can be improved, and specific metrics we can work to achieve for you. Contact us today online or at 855-201-5800 to begin the process.