We work with a lot of fantastic local businesses here at Webstract Marketing. We decided that we wanted to do more for our local community, just like our clients do for theirs.
That’s why we’ve partnered with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Orange County, to support their important work with local children with planned charitable giving. For each new client that we land, or for each client upgrade that we sell, will donate $100 to CASA. We’re also putting aside money so we can donate Christmas gifts to the Orangewood Home in Santa Ana this December.
CASA is a private, non-profit volunteer organization that pairs trained volunteers with severely abused, neglected, or abandoned children that are currently in the custody of the state. CASA advocates, as the volunteers like to be called, serve as a stabilizing and nurturing influence in these children’s lives and help them to learn to trust adults again after being let down so severely by their own families.
CASA currently serves about 1,000 children each year. Besides spending time with the children, CASA advocates also appear in court proceedings and help to monitor foster care situations to ensure that their kids are receiving quality care. In most cases, having a relationship with a CASA advocate improves kids’ behavior issues and reduces the number of times they are transferred between foster homes. While keeping children in the same foster home as long as possible is generally better for their development, this is only true for quality foster homes. Unsuitable foster homes or negligent foster parents are a huge obstacle to development and CASA advocates keep a watchful eye out for these types of situations.
For example, two CASA advocates were paired with four siblings between the ages of two and five. As the adults got to know the kids, it became apparent that they were not being fed properly, and the youngest was actually underweight. The CASA advocates fought for months to get the kids moved to a better foster home. Their efforts paid off, and the children improved tremendously in their new home. Shortly afterwards, CASA’s Family Connections Program found relatives in another state and all four kids were adopted.
This success story is just one of the more dramatic examples of the fruit that the work of CASA advocates bears. We are proud to support the ongoing work of this organization and every bit of progress being made in the lives of the children they serve.