Infographics are one way to convey information about your business in a fun, accessible, easy to share package. However, infographic success eludes a lot of designers, and many graphics stagnate online without ever getting the attention they deserve. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your infographics stand out from the crowd and make viewers take a second look. Try some of these tips.

Give Your Graphic a Clear Theme

Infographic TipsDecide beforehand exactly what information you want your graphic to convey. Chances are that if it takes more than a sentence or two to explain what your graphic is all about, you are trying to include too much information. The power of infographics is in the striking way that they present simple facts, not in the large amount of information that they contain. When a piece of information does not fit your infographic’s theme, consider including it somewhere else.

Make It Readable

Making the design of an infographic exciting is only half the battle. It also has to be easy to read. Make sure that a layperson who does not have a lot of experience deciphering graphs and strings of numbers can still understand your graphic. Also ensure that the colors and fonts you have chosen work well together and are easy to read on a variety of devices, including smartphones. Remember that a color scheme that looks good on a large screen may not always translate well to a small one.

Provide Additional Information in Text

Include a block of text with your infographic that further explains some of the concepts presented in the image. This relieves some of the burden of having to cram everything into the graphic, and also gives viewers who are interested in the subject a place to follow up and learn more. When it’s relevant, include a section in the text about how the data in he graphic was collected and compiled.

Consider Interactivity

Interactivity makes your infographic more engaging, and gives people an excuse to spend more time looking at it. Few well-placed links can do wonders to encourage viewers to absorb more of the information in your graphic. However, make sure the interactive portion is easy to understand and clickable elements can be manipulated even on a small screen.

Make it Easy to Share

The best thing that can happen to your infographic is for it to go viral. For this to happen, you need to make your graphic easy to share with a single click. Also be sure to include the name and website of your business on the graphic itself so curious viewers can follow it back to the source.
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