How to Find the Right Local Advertising Strategy in Today’s Digital World
Have you tried searching for your business on your favorite search engine? Does it show up? If you do see it there, on what page can it be found? Do you see your local competitors showing up much higher than you are? If they do, then you can bet they’re stealing business from you.
Do you see business information that’s just wrong? For example, do online listings of your company have the wrong address, phone number or other information? Don’t worry, Webstract is here to help. We have decades and decades of experience between us and we are well versed in local advertising best practices.

Is local advertising still relevant?

When you search for ways to market your company online, you’ll be undulated with options to get your company noticed by people all across the world – or country. You may find companies that swear they’ll get your website thousands of views a day. But at Webstract we understand that your business isn’t about letting people across the country know you exist – it thrives on people in your neighborhood. That’s why we offer a targeted hyper-local option that will get your company on the radar of potential clients.

Getting found is crucial for your business’s success

The truth is that all local advertising is not created equal. You know that if you run a small or medium business, you need local ads to get your company known. However, the way to do that has changed a lot since the days of ads in the local newspaper or phone booth. When you work with Webstract, we’ll take several steps to ensure you’re getting seen by the people you need to be seen by.
For example, we may include directory submissions such as the Best of the Web, we’ll make sure that all your information online is correct, we’ll build citations with your local chamber of commerce and other neighborhood organizations, we’ll get you more reviews on the sites people care about, we’ll claim your profile on Google and other search engines so that your info doesn’t get stolen. Those are just a few examples of the way we can help your company.

Are you ready for more information on local advertising or other online options?

The experts at Webstract are standing by to help ensure that you can tell potential customers to just search for your company and you’ll be there. Of course, many of our clients start out with local advertising but come on board for other online marketing services. The great news is that we can help with that too! Just reach out to us today for your free website analysis.