Does Your Business Website Have These 4 Must-Have Elements?
Think of your website as the online storefront of your business. Think of it as your business card. It is the hub of the way customers online will see your company. It is one of the most important things to invest in. If you are in need of website development then we urge you to ensure that it has the following four elements. If you are not sure of where to start, then contact Webstract today for a free quote.

  1. Your website needs a responsive design
  2. First and foremost, your website should have a responsive website design. This means that the text should be the right size. It means that your site should be mobile-friendly and that it offers up big, bold images and words that immediately indicate to a person on your website what you do and why you can help them. Studies show that the ideal is for a person to be able to scan the page in just two seconds and understand the basics of what you offer.

  3. Your website needs to be simple to navigate
  4. As technology gets faster and more people have more gadgets, attention spans are decreasing. This is just one of the reasons that it’s so important for your site to be easy to navigate. When a person gets to your site, it should be easy for them to see how they can move around. The most important parts of your site should be on the landing page and center in the navigation bar. Think about what you want your users to do and then point them toward the ability to do that.

  5. Your website needs a clear call to action
  6. Also known as a CTA, a call to action must be on every website. In short, this is something that gives visitors to your website information on what action they should take. It may be as simple as “click here,” or it may be hyperlink. We recommend choosing one or two actions on each page and making sure that the entire page is set up to encourage that action or actions. For example, for a restaurant’s menu page, the goal would be to get customers to place an online order to call to place an order.
    Regardless of the specific CTA, it is essential to be consistent. Your user should know what action you want them to take and you should do what you can to remove any guess work. The easier it is for them to take action, the more likely you will be to convert them to a customer.

  7. Your website needs updated content
  8. It doesn’t matter how well written the content on your website is if it’s outdated. You wouldn’t go into a restaurant and order off of a menu that’s no longer valid, so why expect potential clients to make decisions about your company based on outdated information? If you need help creating, updating, or maintaining a website then we urge you to contact Webstract at 855-201-5800 for a free website analysis.