The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Marketing
If you’ve been researching the options to market your website then you’ve likely come across the term PPC. You may wonder what it means, how it can help you, and whether or not it’s worth it. At Webstract, if there’s one thing we know it’s that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to creating and marketing a website. That said, PPC works for many people and we’re here to explain why. When you’re done reading, call us at 855-201-5800 for your free website analysis.

What does PPC stand for?

Those in the industry often refer to pay-per-click marketing simply as PPC. Others may call it SEM, which stands for search engine marketing. No matter what term is used, it means the same thing: A way to fast track to the first page of listings. It’s generally used when a company needs traffic to their website and they need it quick. When a company doesn’t want to wait for their long-term SEO techniques, they may use PPC.

How does PPC work?

As the name “pay-per-click marketing” implies, this process works by paying for clicks to your website. Essentially, you pay search engines to list your ads on their sites when users search for certain terms. It isn’t necessarily a long-term strategy but it works essentially immediately. Any time you need traffic to your site and you want results by the end of the day, PPC is a good choice.

You need experts to walk you through the process

Trying to set up PPC can be a complicated task if you’re not familiar with what you’re doing. The pros at Webstract are very experienced with adCenter, Google AdWords, and other sites. We can work within your budget to find the perfect ads that will generate the leads you’re looking for. If you choose PPC you can expect:

  • To learn exactly which ads are resulting in clicks to your website.
  • Total control over what you speed monthly, weekly, or even daily.
  • Real-time feedback about what products / services most appeal to potential customers.
  • To instantly learn which ads are converting into qualified leads.
  • The knowledge of which keywords are using so you can focus your budget on the keywords that perform best.
  • PPC on a host of sites, including Google, Facebook Ads, and Bing

Get your free quote today

Are you curious about how PPC would work for your company and your website? Are you wondering what other marketing secrets we may have up your sleeve? At Webstract we’re proud to offer a free quote to everyone. That includes a free website analysis. That’s right, we’ll tell you what’s working and what isn’t working on your site. We’ll let you know how we’d address it and we’ll show you why we’re the right digital marketing company to choose. Call us today at 855-201-5800 for more information.