Answers to Three of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Facebook Engagement
Facebook has been in the news a lot lately – and not for anything good. We know that companies are starting to pullback and wonder if they should take a break from Facebook, or end their relationship permanently. At Webstract we are keeping a close eye on this issue. While much of the long-term damage and fallout is not yet known, we do have answers to three of the questions people are most commonly asking.

  1. Is it still okay to run contests and promotions on Facebook?
  2. Facebook will flag and take down what they consider to be “engagement bait.” This can include deals, contests, and similar promotions if Facebook believes they qualify. That said, this doesn’t mean you have to skip contests and other fun activities. The point is simply that any contest or promotion must actually offer value to your audience.
    This means two things. First, you cannot require them to “share this post to enter,” “like this post for an entry,” etc. Second, you can’t ask for anything in return from those on your page. The idea is that your contest or promotion will be exciting enough that they’ll want to share it on their own.

  3. What does it mean to “post regularly”?
  4. One of the first rule of social media marketing is that you want to post regularly. But what exactly does that mean? There isn’t a specific rule that tells you exactly how many times to post per week – it depends on the type of business you are, what type of content you’re posting, and the existing relationship with your audience.
    However, there are a few tips that you can use as general guidelines. The most important thing is to not post mindlessly. If your options are to post just once a week but use quality content, or post several times a day with mindless links, then you’ll be better off posting once a week. Once you’ve started posting, keep an eye on what type of content your followers are engaging with – what are they “like”ing, and what are they commenting on and sharing?

  5. Do I need to hire the professionals to handle my Facebook posting?
  6. No, it’s not required. However, we highly recommend it. As a person who maybe uses Facebook for their own use, or perhaps doesn’t use it at all, you could spend hours every week trying to learn the ins and outs of Facebook. What you’d quickly find is that the rules are constantly changing. Instead of wasting that time, turn to an experienced digital marketing agency who can help you set up your Facebook and ensure it’s run correctly.

If you’re not sure if professional marketing services are for you then we urge you to contact Webstract at 855-201-5800. We can start by giving you a free analysis of your website. We’ll give you our honest assessment of how we can improve your website and your social media presence. Get ahold of us today to learn more.