A 7 Question Audit of Your Company’s Mobile Website
Is your mobile website performing as well as it could? If you’re like many businesses, you hope so but you’re just not sure. At Webstract, we provide a free website analysis for every client but we’re also happy to provide you with this quick seven-question audit. Just grab your smartphone or tablet, visit your website, and ask yourself these seven questions.

  1. Does your website load in three seconds or less?

  2. Today’s mobile website users are impatient. If your website takes too long to load, they’re likely to simply back out and choose the next option on their search list. You must have a website that’s not just optimized to run on mobile browsers but to do so quickly.

  3. Are your key selling points and / or message instantly obvious?

  4. You can’t expect your potential clients to search your entire website to find the point of your company. Ask yourself what three key factors you would want visitors to know about your site and then make sure that they’re prominently displayed for website visitors.

  5. Can the content be read easily?

  6. There are a lot of copywriting tricks that will help boost your reader’s interest. For example, bullet points and short paragraphs are easier to read compared to long paragraphs.

  7. Can your site be easily navigated?

  8. Let’s say that your visitor gets to your website, it loads quickly, and they like what you’re selling. What’s their next step? Can they easily navigate your website to contact you or make a purchase? The worst possible scenario is that you’d spend a lot of time getting visitors to your site and informing them, only to lose them because they can’t figure out how to take the next step.

  9. How is your call to action?

  10. This ties in to number four because what you’re really looking for is an obvious call to action. That is, you want something that tells your visitor exactly what to do next and how to do it. Think of phrases that start with action words like “call” “get” or “request.”

  11. Is it a nice experience?

  12. Do you have bright colors that are difficult to read? Is the font a good size? Is it overall a good or bad experience? Make a note of anything that is less than optimal and try to fix it if possible.

  13. Would you like the site if it wasn’t your own?

  14. As you’re answering all seven questions, ask yourself if your answer is based on how you feel about your own site or how you’d feel about a stranger’s site. Try to see it from a different perspective.

Are you ready to get the opinion of an expert? Then call Webstract at 855-201-5800 today! We are here and ready to take a look and provide a free website analysis.