7 Easy Ways to Recharge Your Website
Sometimes, you just need a reset – that goes for life, work, and just about everything in between. When it’s time for a refresh on your website, it can be hard to come up with the new material that will rejuvenate everything. Fortunately, we put together a variety of easy tricks you can use to kick your website into that refreshing drive it needs to be in.

Do an Image Reboot

Fresh images across your site can be exactly what your website needs to make it more inviting. Using a variety of sets of high-quality images that you can rotate periodically is the easiest way to stay fresh and look new without putting in a vast level of effort. Changing up the images can give your regular visitors something new to look at while enticing first-time visitors at the same time.

Use Icons

Another way to change up the website’s look without putting too much work in is to add a friendly icon pack to the site’s design. Not only does this help bring attention to certain sections of your site, but it also creates a visual flow that can direct your visitors. On top of that, you also open up a friendly interface where your visitors can contact you on a variety of different platforms.

Add More Media

Pictures, videos, and infographs all can be used in the middle of blocks of text to break them and make the overall article or blog more appealing. With how technology is progressing, video especially is becoming a key element to incorporate in websites. Short, sound-free videos throughout the site can make it more readable and user-friendly overall.

Change Up Your Typography

You don’t have to stick to the standard font families. On the contrary, it’s becoming increasingly more popular to switch it up with a dynamic web font. You can also do this by pairing the bulk of the website text with a novelty typeface to make accents and big lettering stand out. Inconsistency is what draws the eye, so it’s always best to use at least two fonts throughout your website.

Add Shadows

Adding a slight shadow behind your boxes and other media on your website is a popular way to improve your overall site’s look. It provides a slimming effect on the webpage, drawing in the eye and enticing potential first-time visitors.

Try a Bold Color

Breathe life into your website with a bright, bold new color. You don’t have to change your branding to add an additional bold color to the webpage. In fact, a lot of website owners do this to the accents of the website, such as links, buttons, and other calls to action that can be highlighted. Changing up the hue can draw in the eye more than you expect, and suddenly you’ve got a burst of new followers.

Ask an Outsider’s Opinion

You and your team may not be able to pinpoint what it is that your website needs to give it the spark of life you’re after. It’s always good to get a fresh pair of eyes on the scene to see what changes could be made. It’s also always good if that fresh pair of eyes is already experienced in this type of thing. Webstract Marketing can give you a free quote to analyze your website. Find out what your website needs to really take off. Give Webstract Marketing a call at 855-201-5800 or shoot an email at contact@webstract.com to get started.