CompetitorsOne popular and increasingly effective method of advertising today is social marketing. This online tool is used to share information about your products and services and, maybe more importantly, to create a feeling of familiarity between your audience and your business. There are thousands of different shops and businesses advertising this way, so in order to truly stand out you’ll want to include at least one or two of these different strategies:

One: Refresh Your Content Regularly

In general, try to post to Facebook at least once a day, Twitter about five times a day, and so on. You might also consider maintaining an active presence on Pinterest. As you work in these areas, don’t forget to keep the content on your blog fresh and appealing to your audience. Don’t forget to include social buttons on your own company site and share them on your social communications. Where are the most effective places to stick the buttons? Naturally, you’ll include them at the top and the bottom of your blog and your website. Also consider adding them to business newsletters, on images, and along with your email communications.

Two: Use Chosen Images Effectively

Did you know that one of the best ways to improve your use of Facebook is to add images to your posts? It works for other marketing media and it just makes sense. People make fast decisions regarding what attracts their attention when browsing. A compelling image can attract another 50% of likes for your posts and automatically engages your viewers’ minds. Consider using an infographic to visually describe the positive environment changes your company makes or to demonstrate how time-saving your product is.

Three: Focus on Small Snippets of Fast Information

The amount of information on the Internet is truly staggering. Your viewers are likely to have short attention spans and less time to spend. Because of this, work on creating small bits of information: 6 second videos, quick sound bites, quick one-liners, etc. These can be shared quickly and easily and have the potential of making a big impact in a very short amount of time.

Four: Work on Creativity

From creating catchy titles for your blog posts to playing games with Instagram photos, the more you can first, capture your readers’ attention; and second, motivate your readers to take action, the better your chances of getting that individual back to your site. Promotions, campaigns, contests, and treasure hunts are great ways to actively involve your viewers in your marketing efforts.

Five: Interact Socially with the Community

While you want to keep your own content fresh, don’t forget to comment on a business partner’s Facebook page or share advice through a tweet. This interaction with other businesses and with your target audience can improve your standings in the community.
If you’re worried that your social ratings are slipping, quickly include a few of these strategies and turn your exposure around! Contact Webstract Marketing at 855-201-5800 for more information.