5 Tips to Help Your Website Improve Its Lead Generation
It’s great to get people to your website but at Webstract we understand that the real goal is to have those visitors reach out and contact your company. That’s why our digital marketing strategies don’t focus exclusively on getting people to your website – we also focus on getting the right people to your website and making it easy for them to contact you. Below you’ll see five ways we can help improve lead generation. Read it and then contact us at 855-201-5800 for your free website analysis.

  1. Have a lead generation form
  2. It may seem simple, but many companies don’t have a form to collect contact information. When you allow contacts to opt in if they want to, you’re only getting information from people who are at least moderately interested in what your company offers. These leads are extremely valuable because they’re much more likely to turn into a customer than random lists of contacts. Make it easy for your visitors to fill out the form and they’ll be more likely to do so.

  3. Include calls to action throughout
  4. When someone visits your website, it’s likely they have a specific purpose in mind. Whether they’re looking to purchase a product, sign up for a specific type of service, or gather information, you want to guide them toward what you want them to do. Your calls to action should be clear on what the user needs to do next. This keeps website visitors on track. You may have various calls to action throughout your site but you should have a number one call to action that tells users the exact thing you want them to do.

  5. Utilize gated offers
  6. A gated offer is one in which a visitor to your website must give you their basic information in order to get the offer you’re making available to them. You can use these offers on your landing page. The more you have, the better you’ll be able to gather the information you need. Make sure you’re making the most of each of your webpages too. They should all have share buttons with clear, concise copy that tells the user exactly what to do.

  7. Pop-up forms do have a role in all of this
  8. It’s true that pop-up forms don’t have a great reputation but we promise, there is a place for them in most marketing campaigns. If you do them correctly, they won’t bother visitors. Just be careful about where you put them and what type you use. The pop-up should feel natural to the visitor and offer information or a way to take action. It should not feel disruptive.

  9. Provide proof of what your company can offer
  10. Remember that when a visitor shows up to your website, they don’t know anything about your company. You need to build trust by providing customer testimonials, case studies, trust seals, client logos, or whatever’s relevant to your particular industry.

These are five tips to help your company turn more website visitors into leads. To learn more about your options – and to get a free website analysis – reach out to Webstract at 855-201-5800 right away.