5 Things Your Company Must Master to Handle Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is – or should be – an important part of any company’s marketing plan. It can help boost your brand and increase interaction with your current and potential customers. However, getting started with a plan can be challenging – especially for those who don’t have any experience.
At Webstract we recommend that you turn to the professionals and let us handle these delicate issues for you. However, if you want to take them on yourself, just make sure you’ve mastered these five things first.

  1. Master the art of listening

  2. When it comes to successful social media marketing, nothing is as important as listening to your target audience. Take a look at the online content they’re already engaging with and join in on those discussions. Discover what’s most important to them. only when you’ve done that can you really understand what type of content you need to create to begin your own conversations. One of the biggest mistakes we see companies making is simply adding more clutter to an audience’s life instead of finding value-added content.

  3. Master the art of focus

  4. Another common mistake companies make is trying to know it all. They want to be the jack of all trades, but in our experience, it’s better to begin by focusing on one specialty. For example, if you find a social media strategy that’s highly focused on one specific platform, you’ll likely have better success than if you try to spread your presence over several platforms. Of course, if you want to be on all the platforms, you can always hire a company like Webstract that has the expertise and manpower to handle many services.

  5. Master the art of quality

  6. Quality is always more important than quantity. 100% of the time. For example, it’s better for you to have just 1,000 connections on your social media platform and to have them engage with you, then to have 10,000 connections who simply connect with you and disappear. As a result, your goal should be to build good quality content – not simply blast the internet with information.

  7. Master the art of patience

  8. If you’re starting at 0 and expecting your social media marketing success to come tomorrow, then you’re going to be disappointed. It’s true that you could go viral tomorrow and experience incredible success right off the bat. It’s more likely that you’ll have to watch your online presence build over time.

  9. Master the art of compounding

  10. If you focus on a single platform and your work get shared on other platforms, then suddenly you’ll have a presence on them all. This is often an organic sign that it’s a good time to move on and embrace other platforms.

Once again, our best advice is to invest in your future by working with Webstract. Reach out to us today for your free website analysis.