5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017
A digital marketing strategy has been a wide idea for many years now but in 2017 it has become an absolute necessity. If this brings terror to your company because you have no idea where to start then Webstract has good news: We can help. Read on to learn the five reasons you must have a digital marketing strategy this year and then reach out to us for your free website analysis.

  1. You don’t currently have any online direction

  2. If you want to succeed online but you don’t have a strategy, how do you intend to get there? It all starts with creating clear goals for what you want to get out of your company’s online presence. If you don’t have any goals then you won’t have any way to steer your company and you likely won’t offer enough resources where they’re needed.
    When you work with Webstract, we’ll work with you to find out what you want to accomplish. Together we can set clear goals and we can provide both the blueprint to get there and the analytics to determine your progress.

  3. You need to know your market share

  4. It’s common for a company that’s succeeded offline to not realize how different the channels of success are online compared to in the analog world. If you haven’t researched how many of your customers – or potential customers – want online services, and what those services are, then you’re likely underestimating the demand. You need to know what your current market share is and a digital marketing strategy can help you with that.

  5. Other companies are going to increase their market share

  6. If you’re not working on your social media marketing, your online marketplace, and other digital marketing strategies, you can bet that your competitors are. Existing companies are looking for any way they can to get your customers, and start-up companies are looking for weaknesses too. Make no mistake: If your company doesn’t have a digital presence, that is very much a weakness.

  7. You’re wasting money without it

  8. Most of the above tips apply to companies who have no online presence or little at all. But what about companies that do have an online presence but don’t have a specific digital marketing plan? One of the biggest issues for this situation is wasting money on duplication. For example, if you don’t have a single person working on web design then you’re paying several people to do it. A single strategy helps you streamline.

  9. You’re missing out on clients right now

  10. There are people out there right now searching for what you offer. If you don’t have an optimized online presence, then how do you think they’re going to find you? They’re not. The good news is that you don’t have to figure all this out yourself. Instead, reach out to Webstract. We offer free quotes, a free website analysis, and a long list of services that can help get your company on track.