5 Facts About Social Media Marketing Your Company Needs to Know
At Webstract, we’ve handled the social media presence for a wide range of clients. Our formula is tried, tested, and true. We know that social media is a cost effective way for businesses big and small to engage with their current and potential customers. However, if you’re considering a social media campaign for the first time, then there are somethings you should know before you get started.

  1. You get what you pay for

  2. As with most anything, when it comes to digital marketing, you get what you pay for. You can find some very cheap companies to “handle” your social media accounts. However, if they’re not taking the time to understand your company, your products and/or services, and your target audience, then the work they do on your social media accounts could actually do more harm for your business than it does good.

  3. Quality is more important than quantity

  4. Anyone can post 100 times a day on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. accounts. However, if the content isn’t relevant, interesting, and useful, then no one will care about it. It’s not enough to be visible, you need to also be relevant. At Webstract, we provide services that are customized to your exact needs.

  5. Social media marketing is a long-term strategy

  6. Simply starting a company page on Facebook isn’t enough. It’s not going to solve any short term issues your company is dealing with and it’s not going to drive significant traffic overnight. However, when you speak to Webstract for your free quote, we can give you details on what to expect and when to expect it.

  7. Your social media presence will impact other areas of marketing

  8. A good digital marketing firm understands that what’s happening on your social media accounts is going to impact SEO, your email marketing campaign, and on and on. At Webstract, we don’t approach your social media accounts as standalone marketing tactics. Before we make any changes to your current setup, or suggest new options to explore, we will strategize your entire marketing campaign to ensure that every effort supports other efforts being made.

  9. At the end of the day it’s all about profits

  10. It’s great to get fans, likes, followers, etc., but we know that what you’re really looking for is a profit. Our strategies may begin with increasing your social medial presence, but make no mistake: The end goal is to increase your company’s profit. We stay on top of all industry news and innovations to ensure that your content schedule, topics, and social media presence is what’s working today – not what was working last year or even last week.

To get your free quote, including a free analysis of your website, contact Webstract today! We are here to help to support your brand in whatever ways you need, from total reinvention to subtle tweaks.