Tips for Increasing Traffic Social media is an important part of everyday life for many people. By using social media marketing wisely, you can increase traffic to your website and gain new customers. These marketing tips can help you harness the power of social media to promote your business.

1. Take the Time to Post Regularly

Take time to post regular updates on social media. Readers won’t be attracted to your site if they notice that the last update was in 2009. Once you establish a pattern of regular posts full of exciting new information, readers will start coming back for more. If you’re worried about coming up with new content, take some time to brainstorm about what your company has to offer. News stories, practical tips, industry updates, reports on local events, and personal profiles can all be great additions to your social media presence. Don’t forget to keep your posts brief and well-organized so they’re accessible to mobile device users and people with busy schedules.

2. Build Strong Connections

Social media is all about building connections. Even if you’re posting great information, you won’t benefit fully from it unless you connect it to other sites that are important to your business. Link to pages that are relevant to your geographical area, your industry, your favorite events, and your own business connections. Take the time to “like” their updates and leave meaningful comments on them. Make an effort to share useful links and ask for backlinks from blogs that might be relevant to you. Don’t forget the most important links of all: the links back to your own landing page!

3. Use the Power of Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can be a powerful tool when you use it right. Promoted tweets and ads can bring lots of traffic to your site. By advertising in forums that fit your potential readership, you can double or triple your number of hits. A social media ad should always offer something enticing to the potential customer. Try promoting special web offers or deals for first-time customers. Ads should be clear, simple, to the point, and promising an exciting deal for readers who click through to your site. Once your social media ad campaign is in place, you can track its success by keeping records of how much traffic it brings to your site. You may find that one particular social media channel is especially effective for your brand or service.
Social media is an important way to reach out to potential customers. By making the effort to post regularly, build strong connections, and advertise in a smart way, you can bring increased traffic to your website while keeping your costs to a minimum. Contact us today at Webstract Marketing to find out more about building your company’s social media profile.