3 Methods That Can Help You Get Positive Results from Your Marketing Automation Process
Is the future in marketing automation? At Webstract, we believe the future digital marketing will continue to thrive in different ways for different companies. That said, marketing automation is a wise move for many companies. If you’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon, then make sure you’re considering one or more of these three methods that can help boost your results.

  1. Use segmentation strategies re: your email lists
  2. When you segment your email lists, you’re instantly improve your click through rate. Why? Because you’re giving each client exactly the information that’s relevant to their situation. One report by a major marketing firm showed that a campaign that utilizes segmented campaigns will, on average, see almost 15% higher open rates and almost 60% higher click through, when compared to campaigns that aren’t segmented.
    Of course, deciding to segment is just the first step: You must then decide how to do so. We recommend that you apply each data point collected from each subscriber. This will include everything from their basic demographics to their past purchases. Be sure to include their location, not just to market the right products to them but to send the email newsletter at the right time of day. Use any other information you have to create subgroups, including a subscribers past engagement with emails and results of any surveys they took.

  3. Make social media ads your target
  4. Most people know by now that there are ad opportunities on all the major social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. Your email campaign can be designed to incorporate information from various social media platforms. Once again, the more information you have, the better you’ll be able to market to your clients effectively.

  5. Actually interact on social media
  6. You do want social media automation, but you may choose to limit only to schedule posts. Any actual interaction that’s done can be done by employees. This may involve hiring a social media manager who handles your social media as the entirety of their position, an employee who works part time on social media and part time on other needs for your company, or you can hire a company like Webstract to handle it for you.

It all comes down to what your customers actually want

As you’re thinking of ways to tailor your marketing automation process, remember what your clients or customers actually want: They’re looking for the information that’s most relevant to their needs in the most convenient way possible. They don’t want to have to read through a ten-page email to find the one line that’s relevant to them.
If you need help with these or other marketing needs, please reach out to Webstract at 855-201-5800 today. We can handle everything from a start-up to a company that’s been successful in their neighborhood for decades. When you work with us, you can count on a personalized marketing plan that works for your exact needs.