2017 Predictions: What’s Going to Happen in Social Media This Year? As the first quarter of 2017 comes to an end, we’ve been looking back at what’s happened and looking forward at what’s yet to come. Here are some of the predictions we’ve come up with here at Webstract. Of course, these are just our personal opinions but you can bet that we’ll keep an eye on these and other changes as they occur. To learn more about our business and how we can help with your social media and digital marketing needs, reach out to us at 855-201-5800.

Pinterest’s going to be offering up some unique ways to get in front of potential clients

Pinterest has been making some moves for the last year or so and many of us in the digital marketing field are keeping our eyes trained to this brand as we consider how to best advise our clients. The truth is that more people are on Pinterest than on Twitter and it’s largely an untapped site when it comes to digital marketing. We believe that they’re going to come up with some unique ways to get ad buys – and we believe savvy clients are going to be on board.

Facebook will continue to evolve

Facebook has already made big changes this year. They started out with a new dynamic ad format, which allows them to get info on shopper’s intent not just on Facebook but off it – this makes them just about as useful as Google. In short: Very useful! Ads on Facebook don’t just have to be a remarketing tool, they can be a great way to find new clients.

All social is heading toward video

There’s no question that 2016 was all about videos. That’s custom video services to our clients: Your customers want it! We’ve seen Facebook Live get more and more popular, we’ve seen Canvas get more views, and we think that in 2017, video is going to continue to be king. If you need help creating videos or coming up with relevant videos that can help you connect with your clients, reach out to Webstract.

Twitter will hang on

We’ve heard some chatter in the industry that Twitter is on its way out. This isn’t an opinion that’s totally without merit – after all, fewer users are using Twitter and the company has had some trouble finding the right leadership. This is the reason that Twitter needs to have some seriously bold moves up their sleeves – and we think they will. We still don’t think there’s a better way for people to discuss events in real time, and until there’s a working replacement, Twitter will hang on.
These are just a few of our ideas about what the biggest social media brands are going to do in 2017. No matter what actually happens, there’s one thing you can count on: Webstract will be the first to know. If you’re looking for new, fresh, innovative ways to get your brand involved with current and new clients, reach out to us at 855-201-5800 and let’s get started!