14 Reasons Social Media Marketing Matters
Social media marketing is pretty much essential for a business to have the best chance at success. This isn’t to say a business can’t survive without a successful social media marketing. On the contrary, social media marketing trumps outbound marketing by a 100% higher lead-to-close rate.
Social media marketing has been proven to work. No matter the niche, there’s an audience to be had through certain social media platforms. The only thing that differs are the particular social media platforms that you use for your particular niche. Here are just 14 of the many reasons as to why social media marketing actually matters.

  1. Drive up Traffic and Conversion RatesBy utilizing aspects of social media marketing, you can increase your conversion rates and traffic through inbound marketing. Using Facebook and Twitter as tools instead of websites/apps you goof off on has its advantages.
  2. Increase Brand RecognitionGive your brand a voice by joining Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networking sites that your specific audience would find you on. Your audience can recognize your brand easier as you cross between social media. This means your potential customers will be more attracted to your brand as a whole.
  3. Boost SEOMaintaining a consistent, solid presence across multiple social media platforms is a great way to get search engine crawlers to start liking what you’re trying to offer. By keeping up with content, consistently earning traffic, and networking, you’re boosting your search engine optimization exponentially.
  4. Target and Retarget a Specific AudienceSocial media is highly customizable, which works in your favor. You can target specific users based on everything from education level to pages they’ve previously liked. Social media gives you a glimpse into every potential customer’s life before you even open communication with them. Over time, this will allow you to be able to pinpoint customers that are more inclined to purchase your product and see what type of person is your real focus audience.
  5. Build Real RelationshipsWhile social media is all done online, that doesn’t take away the fact that it can get pretty personal. As a result, you can build real relationships, business or otherwise, by utilizing multiple social media platforms.
  6. Get NoticedGenerate media coverage, get noticed at events where you can show off your brand, and leverage your presence with multi-platform social networking. When you utilize social media marketing, you open up the door to get noticed by your peers, focus audience, and customers that much easier.
  7. Build Brand LoyaltyAs long as you keep your social media activity regular and consistent, you can gain followers that later become customers. Countless people have become customers simply because they liked a Facebook page. The consistency, activity, and communication with that Facebook page led them to actually visit the site, landing a sale once they’re there. Keeping up with steady social media marketing builds brand loyalty.
  8. Provide Quick and Easy CommunicationA lot of people use the Internet because they don’t like talking on the phone. Email takes forever, so if someone doesn’t want to wait for an email reply or call in, they’ll go somewhere that they can communicate through other means. That’s why customers love businesses that they can readily talk to on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Using social media platforms for your business opens the door for fast, simple communication that customers will appreciate.
  9. Everyone Else is Already Using Social Media Marketing91% of brands use multiple social media networks. This matters because that means that your competition already has something you don’t. Even the playing field by utilizing a digital marketing team like Webstract to take care of your social media marketing needs.
  10. Newsjacking Keeps You CurrentFacebook and Twitter have trending topics that keep you updated on the latest news that people are interested in. By sharing the trending topics that can be tied back in with your niche is a great way to get noticed. Injecting your ideas about something on the news always stimulates opinions in the comments, so you can get the discussion started.
  11. Social Media is FreeWhile it does cost money to get a digital marketing team to get your social media up to par, social media networks themselves are completely free. That means once you have the education necessary to pull off social media marketing by yourself, you don’t have to rely on Webstract or some other digital marketing team to help you out forever.
  12. Customers Can Find YouWhen you utilize social media marketing, customers can potentially find you without you having to do the networking on your part. By keeping consistent social media activity, customers can find you without you having to do anything about it.
  13. Find Customers You Wouldn’t Have Known ExistedBy joining Facebook, Twitter, or any number of social media networks, you automatically gain access to millions of potential customers. By using networking on these networks, you can influence customers from different groups to purchase your product.
  14. Generate More SalesBy staying in front of your customer’s face, you can generally attract them to your product if they’re actually interested. Since social media easily determines whether they’re interested, customers can readily see what you have to offer. This plants the idea to buy in their head.

Social media marketing also generates sales in that it offers up an extra level of trust to a customer. If they can see you on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social networking site, they’re more inclined to trust your product’s quality.

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