Yes, SEO Is Important for Your Company: Here’s Why
There is a lot of white noise surrounding the digital marketing industry these days. New companies to the field want to bring their latest innovations to market and they want to push out the “old” ways. While it is true that this is an always-growing field, it’s also true that many of the tried and true practices are as relevant and important today as they were five years ago. This is certainly the case with search engine optimization (SEO).
At Webstract we come up with unique digital marketing plans for each client we work with but SEO is almost always at least a part of that plan. As clients get more savvy and read up on marketing options, they come across these new ideas that claim SEO is no longer relevant. Following you will find just a few of the reasons that this is untrue. If you are ready for a free website analysis to see how your company is doing, contact us at 855-201-5800 or today.

SEO is both sustainable and predictable

As a company that continues to grow, you need to be able to make decisions about the future before you have all the facts. For example, when a lease comes up, a company needs to decide if they need more office space. When they land a new client, they must decide if they need more staff to handle that client.
Over time, SEO becomes very sustainable and predictable. Once you are ranked, you will likely see a steady number of contacts per month that come from searches for your company’s service. Track how those contacts are converting and soon you can estimate how much SEO can grow your company each month / quarter / year etc.

People trust Google results

When a person or company needs a service, they are most likely to ask others what service they have used. The second most common way to get a service is to Google it. People trust these results because they are based on many organic factors. When you work to ensure that your company shows up on the first page, within the first five results, etc., you are ensuring not only that potential clients see you but that they see you in a way they trust.

SEO works 24 hours a day every day of the year

For most professional services, if you call them in the middle of the night you are going to get voice mail. Compare that to visiting their website, which is always on and always available. SEO works at all times of the day or night. It works when people are actually searching for your service. When you pair SEO services with web development that allows online purchases, self-scheduling, or whatever services make sense for your industry, you have effectively captured clients you would have otherwise lost.