In today’s ecommerce world, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to maintain an ineffective website. Too often, however, company websites are not fulfilling the hopes that their creators originally held.

The Common Signs of Trouble

There are some common causes behind dysfunctional websites. These include:

  • Websites Turn BadPoor Design: Your web design should reflect the quality and importance of your product or services, but it also has to follow the same theme that the rest of your marketing has. Make sure that it looks and sounds like your other marketing materials – the current ones!
  • Pages Are too Busy: It is hopeful that your business will grow and that there will be more information to include in the website. However, you need to keep each page focused on a specific goal. Keep your pages simple and your site easy to follow.
  • Content Has No Value: This is a terrible mistake to make. Once you have invited a viewer to your company site, you want them to view and interact as much as possible. If you have filled your pages with information that isn’t pertinent to your readers, those potential customers are likely to move on to another site and another business.
  • No Motivation to Take Action: If you don’t provide clear instructions concerning what to do, where to go, or how to proceed, then your visitor is likely to move on. Plan each step, direct your visitor to those steps, and provide the clear call to action that instructs your viewer’s actions.

How Does Your Website Measure Up?

Maybe you have already noticed that your website is bringing in the traffic you were hoping? Maybe you’ve just recognized many signs that your website doesn’t have a great design. There are some basic tasks that your website should complete:

  • Promote your brand and increase your exposure
  • Provide answers to your viewers’ most common questions
  • Motivate prospects to become customers

If your site is not accomplishing these goals, then it may need some professional attention.

Three Components of a Healthy Website

In order to achieve these goals, your website should have three main elements. These are content, design, and function.

  • Content refers to the text on your site. It should include helpful facts and tips regarding your services or product. Provide answers to your customers’ questions. Make it easy for customers or potential clients to contact you. Make your site attractive to search engines.
  • Website Design refers to the visual aspects of your site. This includes your logo, the visual vocabulary, colors, format, and all other visual elements of the site.
  • The Function of your website includes a growing contact list for follow-up or newsletters, a place to answer visitor questions, and plenty of calls to action that create clients out of visitors.

When your website needs professional attention, contact Webstract Marketing at 855-201-5800 right away for a diagnosis of your website design problems and the solutions to resolve them.