Video content is essential for making your content relevant in today’s online world.

Why Your Website Needs Videos
Video isn’t just for big name brands with huge advertising budgets. Companies of all sizes can benefit from having video content on their websites, even if it is something as simple as a welcome video, a demonstration of a popular product or service, or an interview with an employee.
According to content marketing experts, over 50 percent of all companies are already embracing video media on their websites. It’s time for your company to step up and join them. Here’s why.
Videos Keep Visitors on Your Site: While a visitor might be able to skim the text on a page, lose interest, and navigate away in seconds, a video can help keep them engaged much longer. This is important because the algorithm that Google and other search engines use to determine your position in the search results does take into account how long visitors stay on your site. The presumption is that the longer people stay, the more valuable your content must be. Even a 1 to 3 minute view can help in this regard.
You Can Get a Backlink on YouTube: Backlinks are also helpful for establishing your website as a valuable resource and boosting its position in the search rankings. But remember, you can’t get a backlink simply by typing your web address in the description or comments of a video you post to YouTube. Yes, viewers can use these links but they will not help your search rankings because they are tagged as no-follow links. To get a real backlink that is not a no-follow link, you need to set up a custom YouTube channel for your company.
Videos Are Easier to Absorb: Watching a video is simply easier than reading text. The brain can process video content up to 60,000 times faster than text, meaning that the content of your video will be easier for site visitors to absorb. When you have a key point to make, video is the way to go.
Videos Can Forge a Personal Connection: Video is much more effective at evoking an emotional response than text. So, if your business relies heavily on trust, it is an excellent idea to include an interview or video narrated by the founder of the business or key players in the business, so site visitors can begin to know and trust them.
Your Video Could Get Shared: According to a recent study by Usurv, consumers are 39 percent more likely to share content if it is in video form, 36 percent more likely to make a comment on a video, and 56 percent more likely to “like” a video. This increase in sharing and social medial action can translate into increased exposure for your business. And if you come up with a really creative video, it could even go viral and reach thousands or millions of people.

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